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Partner with Unearthed in distributing the Heart of Man film, the story of God’s wayward children being invited back to his table

Join together with 75 individuals who have committed to give $200 a month over the next 2 years to help produce, promote and distribute The Hearts of Men.

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As part of joining the Gentlemen’s Club you will be given a special thanks in the film’s credits. You will also share the joy of pushing a project forward that we see drastically changing the landscape of the kingdom.

The Who, What and How.

Our team has worked for the last 3 years (thanks to your support) to actually make the Heart of Man film. Now it's time to distribute it.

Getting a film distributed to the public in a consumable way is no small feat - in fact, it takes the same amount of energy and attention to detail that making a film does. Thankfully, it does not take the same amount of time.

The Need: $400,000

When do we need the money by? The end of 2016.

How will the $400,000 be used? The Fedd Agency in Austin, TX has been recruited (thanks to their incredibly generous fee reduction) to be the primary set of hands through which The Heart of Man film will be released to the world. The Fedd is an immensely skilled team women who market, brand and release content for the top names in the faith based world. Their work is some of the best on the planet. The Fedd will work for 9 solid months beginning in Jan, 2017 to coordinate a massive, far-reaching and intuitive release of The Heart of Man in the Fall of 2017. In the Fedd's hands, the launch of the Heart of Man will include (at minimum):

     - Limited nationwide theatrical release of the film in select cities

    - Multiple ways for the public to buy/view the film on all online outlets (iTunes, Netflix, etc)

     -A gorgeous and well-designed comprehensive package for the church that includes not just the film, but ancillary teaching content that takes the conversation of The Heart of Man film deeper in every way imaginable. This back-end ancillary content will be extremely well presented (just like the film) and will be made for small groups, marriages and parenting. We see this being a mixture of writing, film and audio

     - Nationwide tour in select cities (at select churches) to screen the film for the public and invite them into the larger movement of the Heart of Man

     - A website made specifically for the sale and distribution of the film so that consumers can buy it directly online and have the film in digital & physical format

     - Translation (and limited audio overdub) into every major language possible

     - Intuitive & simple resources for those who want to host screenings in their homes or at their churches

If that wasn't already enough, the $400,000 will also go to hire the best publicity firm in the nation, Rogers and Cowan. Their team has been retained (thanks to their overly generous discount) to represent the film in the public eye, which is equally as important as the marketing agency we've chosen. This angle allows the film to make its way into the public and secular streams as much as the Fedd will enable it to permeate the faith based world.

Who is the Target Audience? First the church, then the unreached. The church is in a massive identity crisis, and this film has already proven to begin liberating the sons and daughters of God within the church from our broken, moralistic and religious way of thinking and relating to God and to others. Once we begin to know who God is, and as a result who we are, the church actually have something to offer the world. Freedom from performance. Freedom from managing my behavior so I appear acceptable to God. Freedom from addiction, compulsive behavior, secrecy and a double life. This film meets the needs of the church's current identity crisis and enables it to invite the rest of the world to the banquet God is throwing all of us at every turn.

We get it, marketing is not the most exciting thing to give towards! But marketing is how we take something we've all put our blood, sweat and tears into over the last 3 years and give it as a gift to the world. Our marketing plan is a solid catapult that can launch this love letter from God all over the earth to his wayward children who are being invited back to the table. If we aren't able to raise the funds, we'll need to re-imagine the release in terms of size and scope. Asks are being made around the country to other supporters who have been equally as generous as you. Our team memebers are making year-end contributions as well as working with the other members of our network to coordinate screenings in select cities this Fall and in early 2017. Together we can get this done. We're confident of it.

You can email our Producer, Jason Pamer at any time to discuss giving, hosting a screening or any other questions you've got.



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